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Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Volunteer

MHA is entirely run by volunteers.  We are always looking for parents to help out.  Each returning player in Mites or higher carries a certain number of volunteer hours, but it takes an army to put a good program together for our young athletes, and that includes our essential Team Managers, Locker Room monitors,  people to run the clock or game sheet at games and MHA tournaments, as well as other key roles on the Association Board of Directors.

MHA offers various types of volunteering opportunities: 

  • Event specific Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteering through DIBS for specific roles/dates/time slots: i.e. running the clock. music, Game Sheet, Site Supervisors, etc. during MHA Tournaments. There are TONS of DIBS opportunities, and most Storm families fulfill their MHA Volunteering Requirements through DIBS. Access to these opportunities can be found in the link below.
  • Season-long Volunteer Opportunities, i.e.  TEAM MANAGERS, association board members, etc. These volunteers and anyone else who will have regular contact with, or authority over any MHA players throughout the season, will need to register as a Volunteer with MHA in the link below and will need to register with USA Hockey (in the volunteer capacity), obtain a Background Check and complete Safesport Training.  Contact for more information. 

MHA Volunteer Policy

Details of the MHA volunteer obligations and opportunities are outlined in the MHA Volunteer Policy.  If you have any questions about your family's volunteer obligation or opportunities, or issues regarding volunteering or the DIBs system, please email Toni Scott at

MHA Volunteering Requirements per Age Level

Families are expected to volunteer a minimum number of hours as outlined below.  If a family has multiple players, their requirement is based on their player with the most hours required. 

Player Level

Association Volunteering Requirement


0 hours


5 hours




12 hours


Example:  If a family has an 8U and a Peewee, their Association Volunteer Requirement is 12 hours.

Volunteer System and Signup

MHA uses the DIBs system to manage our volunteer opportunities.  Each family will automatically have a DIBs account when a player is registered for the season.  Available jobs will be posted on DIBs page throughout the season. 

CLICK HERE to start choosing opportunities that are available.  Each family is responsible for finding and signing up for their volunteer opportunities through the DIBs system.

Keep checking the website for DIBs opportunities, as they will be continually updated throughout the season.  This season, we are hosting the Minneapolis Cup in November and the Winter Storm tournament in January.  Both tournaments provide many opportunities to satisfy the Association Volunteer requirement.   Other opportunities may also become available throughout the season, but those tournaments are the primary means of volunteering.

You will receive the DIBs credits once you have completed the volunteer shift.