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JD Hockey / Storm Spring-Summer Programs

2017 Spring and Summer Hockey Training at Parade

See Below for more information on the programs

Here are some hockey training opportunities for your player to improve their individual skills this spring at Parade with JD HOCKEY.  From Bantams to Mites we offer a program that teaches our players the details and techniques that deliver results on the ice. Our coaching staff is experienced, passionate and knowledgeable. Our goal is to help your player reach their goals. 

As a former three sport athlete, I support and encourage kids to play multiple sports to keep things fresh, prevent overuse injuries and learn to compete in different situations. But I also know that gone are the days when you could throw your skates in the attic and not touch them for 6 months and still be a competitive player. In these spring programs we skate 2 or 3 days a week and combine skill development training with competitive 3 on 3 game play. 

We will spend quality time on the ice working on the following areas:

- QUICK FEET: power skating, edge work, agility.

- QUICK HANDS: stickhandling, puck protection, shooting (quick release, shooting in stride) catching passes. 

- QUICK MIND: reading and reacting, learning good playing habits during 3 on 3 games. 

We have four levels of spring camps. The Bantam and Peewee camps skate two days during the week (with off ice work outs before or after the ice time) and play 3 on 3 on Saturday mornings at Hat Trick. The Squirt and Mite camps practice skills on Tuesday nights and play 3 on 3 on Saturday mornings in the studio rink. More details in the links below. 

Note: Some of our players who do this camp will also play AAA hockey in the off season. While this may be too much hockey for some, for others they know they will get the individual skill development with this program that sometimes isn't the focus of AAA hockey. Team success or winning is the focus for most teams. 

Playing to win also can mean playing to "not make mistakes" (don't turn the puck over - get it deep, etc).  Kids need to be taught the proper techniques, perform lots of reps and be corrected when they are not doing them right! And from someone who has coached high school hockey for 15 years, coaches want players who are skilled and who compete.

Spring 2019 JD Hockey

The Squirt and Mite program runs March 12 to May 4.

Peewee and Bantam program runs March 18 - May 11.

There is no camp the week of April 1-6. Both camps are seven weeks long.

MARCH 12 - MAY 4 

Mites: Tues 6:15-7:15pm skills, Sat 3/3 8:45 or 10:00am 

Squirts: 7:30-8:30pm skills, Sat 3/3 11:15 or 12:30

Cost is $445.


MARCH 18 - MAY 11

Peewees: Mon & either Thurs or Fri 6:15-7:30pm skills, Sat 3/3 8:00am @ Hat Trick. Off ice training follows the ice time from 7:45-8:45pm. No off-ice on Saturdays. (Thursday ice 3/21, 3/28,

Bantams: Mon & either Thurs or Fri 7:45-9:00pm skills, Sat 3/3 9:15am @ Hat Trick. Off-ice training occurs before the ice time from 6:30-7:30pm. No off-ice on Saturdays.

Cost is $725


JD HOCKEY Individual Skills Plus 3 on 3


My staff consists of former college players who work good with kids, know the game and know how to teach the skills of the game. 
As you know, hockey is a very time consuming activity. The seasons are long and many of the players will hang up their skates for awhile after the last playoff game. For other players who enjoy the game and have a passion to get better, I have a menu of programs to choose from. 
I always remind my players that "you get out what you put in." There are no shortcuts. It takes time, commitment, passion and hard work to become a good player. It won't be easy, we will have fun and the kids will get better!!