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COVID Information Updated 1/6

For the 2021-22 hockey season, the Minneapolis Hockey Association (MHA), will once again be looking to, and following the guidance of,  government agencies such as the Minnesota Department of Health, as well as our hockey governing bodies Minnesota Hockey and USA Hockey, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB), and our various arena partners.

As of November 04 we are issuing the updated guidance outlined below.

MHA will continue to update this page based on policy, guidance, or regulation changes that are issued by the above agencies.

Effective January 6 masks are required at the Shed.  Only players coaches and managers are allowed in the building; no parents or siblings.  


MHA has developed these guidelines by referring to the Minnesota Hockey COVID-19 statement released on 9/10/21 which encourages all associations to be aware of MDH’s recommendations for organized sports and guidance on quarantines. 

MDH released their recommendations for organized sports on 9/17/21.  MHA will continue to keep up to date with all relevant recommendations released by MDH and Minnesota Hockey. 

MDH, Minnesota Hockey and USA Hockey all strongly recommend that players, coaches, officials and spectators get vaccinated against COVID-19, if they are able.


UPDATE January 6:

Guidance for coaches and team managers – based on MN Dept. of Health guidelines:

  1. Please communicate to your team often the importance of players, staff, and spectators not attending practice or games if they are feeling unwell. 
  2. REPORTS OF POSITIVE CASES.  Please communicate to your team parents that if a player tests positive for COVID-19 they must immediately notify the MHA COVID Coordinator at
    • The COVID Coordinator must make a report to the MDH of the positive case. 
    • The report should include the name, birthdate and phone number of the infected player, the date of the positive test, the symptoms, if any, they are experiencing and the date the symptoms began. 
    • The COVID Coordinator will notify the team that a positive case has occurred on their team but will not disclose the name of the infected person. 
    • Please respect the privacy of your team members by not discussing or disclosing anyone’s current infection status or vaccination status, if known, unless given express permission to do so. 
  3. Per MDH guidelines, infected team members should isolate at home and should not return to team activities for 5 days from symptom onset or 5 days from the test date if no symptoms occur. 
    • Unvaccinated players and coaches will need to follow the MDH quarantine guidance if they are exposed to COVID-19 at a hockey event or anywhere else. 
      1. An exposure occurs when
        1.  One has been within 6 feet of a contagious person for a total of 15 minutes or more over the course of a day. 
        2. One lives in the same household as someone with COVID-19, including someone who provides care to a person with COVID-19. 
        3. One who has had direct exposure to respiratory droplets from a person contagious with COVID-19.
      2. Quarantine lasts for 14 days after the exposure ended but a shortened quarantine period of 7 days is possible if:
        1. The exposed team member has not had any COVID symptoms
        2. Does not live with someone with COVID-19
        3. Obtains a negative PCR test on day 5 after exposure or later. 
      3. If a 7 day quarantine is followed the team member may return to team activities on day 8 after exposure.
    • Fully vaccinated players and coaches (i.e. 2 weeks after completing a vaccination series) do not need to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID-19.
      1. MDH recommends vaccinated exposures be tested 3-5 days after exposure but MHA will not require this of team members
      2. If a vaccinated team member develops symptoms of COVID-19 they should separate from others and get tested immediately.  Do not return to hockey until a negative test result is received. 
      3. If a vaccinated team member contracts COVID-19 they should follow the guidance above for positive cases. 
  5. It is important that team members report exposures and positive cases to the COVID Coordinator.  The COVID Coordinator will solicit assistance and feedback from MDH on quarantines for team members according to the circumstances of the exposures. 
  6.  Address questions to

Additional guidelines set forth by MHA:

  1. Per MN Hockey, indoor team get-togethers are discouraged and masks at any indoor events are recommended, but not required.
  2. All managers (traveling and house teams) are required to use the attendance function on the SportsEngine app to track attendance at games, practices, and events in case of an outbreak of COVID-19.
  3. When using The Shed, masks are required.  Players and team staff are the only persons authorized in The Shed; parents and siblings should remain outside.
  4. Individual arena and facility policies will vary – YOU MUST ABIDE BY THE POLICIES OF THE FACILITY YOU ARE VISITING.
  5. Shared practices
    • 8U/Mite – 6U/Mighty Mite
      • Teams are to stay separate, stations should be by team
      • Scrimmages allowed but MHA reserves the right to quarantine both teams should there be a positive case an exposure
    • 10U/Squirts
      • Teams are to stay separate no shared warmups or drills
      • Scrimmages allowed but MHA reserves the right to quarantine both teams should there be a positive case an exposure
    • 12U/Peewees, 15U/Bantams, Jr Gold
      • Teams are recommended not to share warmups or drills
      • Scrimmages allowed but MHA reserves the right to quarantine both teams should there be a positive case an exposure

Please direct any questions or concerns to

Current MPRB Arena Policy

The MPRB has issued the following regulation for their arenas:

Effective Wednesday, August 4, 2021, Masks or face coverings are required for all vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and/or patrons (age two and older) indoors in any shared common spaces of an MPRB building.  Masks and face coverings are not required while on the ice at Parade or Northeast.

Minnesota Hockey Statement - Released 9/10/2021