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FAQ Answer
How do I register as a Coach with Storm Hockey? Coaches Registration
How do I check the status of my CEP and Age-Level Modules? CEP Lookup
Do I need to send completed  CEP, Age-Level Module, or SafeSport certificate to anyone? No
Where can I find CEP course registration? CEP Clinics
How do I complete Age-Level Modules Age Level Modules
I am a Level 3 CEP.  How do I re-certify? Level 3 Re-certification
How do I do SafeSport Training for the first time? Safe Sport
How do I do the SafeSport Refresher? SafeSport Refresher
How do I check my  background screening from before Apr 1, 2020? Instructions below
How do I complete a background screening? Background Check
How can I complete Concussion Training if I am not taking an Age Specific Module this year or didn't complete one last year?

Concussion Training Option #1

Concussion Training Option #2

Do I need to send completed Concussion Training Certificate to anyone? Email Certificate to Kevin Skogg
I completed Concussion Training for another youth sport.  Can I use that certificate? Email Certificate to Kevin Skogg
Where can I find more information on Coaching Requirements from USA Hockey? USA Hockey Coaching Info
I haven't coached with Storm before,  where can I find more information about coaching needs and requirements?

Kevin Skogg

Peter Nelson


  1. While logged into this website, click on your log-in profile (initial)  on the top right of this page. 
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select registrations and look for "Coach Application and Background Screening Registration."  This may also have the season in the title,  such as 2019-2020.
  4. Select this registration to check your status.
  5. If a your most recent screen is from prior to April 1, 2019, you will need to be screened under the new system in order to participate in the upcoming 2020-21 season.  
  6. If your most recent screen is from April 1, 2019 or later and your status is "Passed," nothing more is needed.


You may not be on the ice or working with Minneapolis Hockey Association players until you have completed Concussion Training and submitted your certificate of testing to the Minneapolis Hockey ACE Coordinator.  This is required every 2 years.  You can complete the training three ways:

  • If you complete a USA Hockey online age module this year or last year, forward the certificate to the e-mail below. 
  • If you have completed Concussion Training for any other activity this year or last year, forward the certificate to the e-mail below.
  • Otherwise you will need to complete one of these on-line classes and forward the certificate to the e-mail below:

Forward your certificate to the Association ACE Coordinator, Kevin Skogg,

If you have not forwarded the certificate to the ACE Coordinator, you are not clear to be on the ice, so keep a record of your sent e-mail.

Guideline for Submitting Major/Match Penalties

See pgs 33-37 of the attached presentation BEFORE you submit  major or match penalty info to D3.

Power Skating Training Videos - Basic Training

Dev Edge Swizzles Practice 1

Dev Alternating C Cuts Practice 2

Dev Explosive Alternating Stride Extension Toe Drag Recovery Practice 3

Dev Inside Outside Edge Larges Cs Practice 4

Dev 180 Edge Transition Quick Turn Practice 5

Dev Forwards Backwards Crossovers Practice 6

Dev Iron Cross Tight Turns Practice 7

Dev One Foot Edge Stops Practice 8

Dev Zig Zag Stops Practice 9

Dev Outside Edge Stops Practice 10

Dev Explosive Swizzle Hops Practice 11

Dev Explosive Alternating Stride Hops Practice 12

Dev Two Foot Slalom Practice 13

Power Skating Training Videos - Advanced Training

Adv Edge Inside Outside Edge Big Cs Practice 1

Adv Edge Glide Turns Practice 2

Adv Edge Slalom Pumps Power Pulls Practice 3

Adv Edge Mohawk Steps Practice 4

Adv Edge 3 Turns Practice 5

Adv Edge 4 Dot Transitions Practice 6

Adv Edge Triangle Turns Practice 7

Adv Edge Iron Cross Turns Practice 8

Adv Explosive Side Hops Practice 9

Adv Explosive Swizzle Hops Practice 10

Adv Explosive Stride Resistance Practice 11

Adv Explosive Quick Start Quick Stop Practice 12

Practice Planning Tools, Drills and Videos

2v2 Point Shot Game

Third Man High

4 v 4 Half Ice Staggered Changes

4 v 4 Center Line Offensive Support

Back Check Game

Designated Shooter Game

Goal Line Game

Gretzky Game

Mancini 2 v 2 Transition

Neutral Zone 3 v 2

Nobles Game

Regroup Game


Minneapolis Storm Coaches are encouraged to follow the Storm Coaches Plan for Player Development.  This plan calls for practices to be split evenly between Skills, Tactics and Small Area Games.  

Skills - one-third of every practice should be devoted exclusively to individual skill development.  These skills include skating, stick handling, passing, shooting and body contact.  A heavy emphasis should be placed on skating skills.  Skating skills should be taught using the Storm Flow Chart and the videos which can be accessed using the Skating link on your left.  This link can only be accessed by registered coaches who are logged in using their NGIN password.  

Tactics - tactics can be both team and individual.  A tactic is an action that creates or takes away an advantage.  One-third of each practice should be devoted to tactics.

Small Area Games - one-third of each practice should be devoted to small-area games.  These games should be used to reinforce the skills and tactics emphasized earlier in the practice session.  USA Hockey's Guide to Small Area Games is a great resource for small Area games.


Thanks to Woodbury High School Coach and Bob Peterson Award recipient Wes Bolin for running a training session for Storm Coaches - "Running an Effective Two Team Practice."   Over 35 Storm coaches were up very early on a Saturday morning to attend this session.  

This season, Storm coaches at the Squirt/U10 age level and above are encouraged to familiarizes themselves and their players with several full ice drills in order to maximize ice usage during shared practices.

Continuous Line Rushes

6 Shooter

2on1 Continuous

2on0 Czech

Continuous BO with 1 puck