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Coaching Workbook

Coaching Workbook identifies coaches and their status for pre-season, team assignment, and USAH CEP class completion.

Storm Goalie Coaching

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Coaching News

  • The Captain

  • By Middlebrook 02/15/2023, 10:15pm CST
  • Southwest's Al Opsahl Enters the Minneapolis Hockey Hall of Fame
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Minneapolis Storm Coaches are encouraged to follow the Storm Coaches Plan for Player Development. This plan calls for practices to be split evenly between Skills, Tactics and Small Area Games.  

Skills - one-third of every practice should be devoted exclusively to individual skill development.  These skills include skating, stick handling, passing, shooting and body contact.  A heavy emphasis should be placed on skating skills.  Skating skills should be taught using the Storm Flow Chart and the videos which can be accessed using the Skating link on your left.  This link can only be accessed by registered coaches who are logged in using their NGIN password.  

Tactics - tactics can be both team and individual.  A tactic is an action that creates or takes away an advantage.  One-third of each practice should be devoted to tactics.

Small Area Games - one-third of each practice should be devoted to small-area games.  These games should be used to reinforce the skills and tactics emphasized earlier in the practice session.  USA Hockey's Guide to Small Area Games is a great resource for small Area games.